Monday, May 14, 2012


Please explain the project further...
Sorry for late response

Our main aim
In designing the project was to give young people an opportunity to debate/discuss/find out what they think about stuff....or discover what they don't have an opinion about.....

All the materials/modes if expression will be possible workshops but....

Activities will be participant led
So a topic/subject will be chosen during the first part of a Vegetarianism then a mode of discussion will be explored eg.clay
The debate or discussion or exchange if ideas will be through the chosen medium
However each session will be open to rethinking redirecting abandonment blah blah
Basically if it isn't going well or ideas dry up we will choose a new topic or medium or both and the participants will all have a choice/say/opportunity toexpress their expectations of the session
The sessions are 4hours long! So lunch will be part of the session a break and time to relax and develop friendships maybe....
The space we have at Leeds met is really brilliant it's where they teach landscape architecture with indoor amd outdoor spaces so it will be great for young people to be part of the leeds met campus but also quite hidden away

Anyway my trains arrived so better send this to you before I lose the email

Is this easier to understand ?
Please get back to
Me what you think
Hope Fridays being a fun day

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